A collection of plastic pellets sorted by color to resemble a rainbow. Two test tubes sit atop the green and yellow piles to take samples for polymer composition analysis.

Polymer Composition Analysis

ATS offers comprehensive polymer composition analysis for precise and accurate studies of materials. Polymers consist of long, repeating macromolecule chains organized based on the material’s composition. The layout and density of these chains control the polymer’s characteristics, structure, and behavior. ATS can test for the composition of frequently used polymers, such as:
Polymer testing allows clients to predict a polymer’s performance under various pressures and environmental circumstances, such as extreme heat or stretching forces. Tests that analyze the composition and structure of a polymer help researchers characterize a polymer according to its molecular weight distribution, mechanical properties, and physical properties.
Composition Analysis Uses

We study a polymer’s contents and internal arrangement to inform business decisions. Clients turn to third-party testing as part of quality assurance or product design. We can assess the material’s characteristics, including:

Material Selection and Identification

Clients may request polymer composition analysis to make an informed selection of materials with desirable qualities. Before mass-producing a product, manufacturers use polymer composition analysis to determine which materials have properties suitable for the product’s intended environment or function.

Product Improvement

Composition analysis of a polymer can influence product improvement. For instance, a client may want to identify a polymer’s chemical makeup to identify an unknown material or harness the properties of a composite polymer. Additionally, composition analysis can help predict the lifespan of a material, which is critical when designing products that handle critical loads or need to last. The composition of a polymer can also indicate how a polymer will degrade and how long it takes to degrade completely. Eco-conscious clients especially appreciate this understanding.

Failure Analysis

Polymer composition analysis may be required after damage or defects occur. Knowledge of a polymer’s strengths and weaknesses is critical to failure analysis and assigning liability for a catastrophic failure, loss of products, or injury.
Composition Analysis Methods
To uncover facts about a known or unidentified polymer, we can use a combination of approaches: chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy, physical testing, and thermal analysis. ATS’ polymer lab is capable of a range of polymer tests and measurements, including:
Standards and Specifications

We can also tailor our tests to meet industry process standards such as:

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For over fifty years, ATS has provided consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services to clients in various businesses and industries. We support national and international customers involved in product manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and power generation. Our staff of highly qualified professionals works tirelessly to ensure the safe operation of mechanical parts and materials entrusted to our care. As ATS expands its presence through a growing Family of Companies, we welcome clients with cost-effective services and timely results.
Since our founding in 1967, ATS has garnered a reputation for high-quality customer service and thorough testing with a quick turnaround rate. We employ field experts and technicians capable of complex tests and thorough inspections both in the field and in one of our lab sites across the nation. The ATS Super Lab at our headquarters has received accreditations from industry leaders such as A2LA and NADCAP, and regularly performs:
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