ASTM plastic and polymer tensile testing

Polymer Hardness Testing

Applied Technical Services offers Polymer Hardness Testing utilizing our cutting-edge polymer testing laboratory. In addition to Polymer Hardness Testing, the polymer testing lab at ATS can perform failure analysis, material identification, quality control, regulation compliance, preventative maintenance, safety performance, and several other testing applications.

Hardness Testing

The polymer testing lab at ATS utilizes Rockwell Hardness Testing to measure the hardness of polymers and plastics. The Rockwell Scale utilizes an indenter to measure the depth of penetration. ATS experts regularly conduct Polymer hardness testing to relevant standards such as ASTM D785 and ISO 2039-2. Additionally, the polymer testing lab can utilize Brinell, Webster, Leeb, and Barcol Hardness testing methods, as appropriate to testing scope. Beyond our hardness testing capabilities specific to polymer samples, ATS regularly performs this procedure to the following industry standards:

Polymer Testing Capabilities

The ATS Polymer labs offer a wide range of polymer testing and analysis. Among those are:

You can find a comprehensive list of our polymer testing services here.

ATS Quality Assurance

Applied Technical Services has been providing testing and inspection services for more than 50 years. Our experts remain dedicated to upholding the excellence and reliability of our services by operating according to our ISO 9001 certified quality management system. Contact our polymer testing laboratories to request your free quote regarding your Polymer Hardness Testing needs.

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