Polymer Labs

Polymer Labs

Manufacturers rely on polymer labs to have polymer testing performed on their products for several different of reasons: preventative maintenance, failure analysis, material identification, quality control, safety performance, regulation compliance, etc. Clients in need of insight on these sorts of challenges submit samples of their product to testing providers who specialize in analyzing their material — such as Applied Technical Services’ polymer labs.

ATS stands at the forefront of polymer labs because we offer a comprehensive array of methods and services. Our polymer laboratories perform a litany of tests to establish mechanical, thermal, and chemical characteristics of your test samples. We are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to perform nearly two dozen methods of polymer-related testing to their internationally recognized standards. The following table reflects our polymer testing capabilities, performed in accordance with applicable standards.

Polymer Labs Testing Capabilities
ATS' Commitment to Quality

For over 50 years, ATS has provided world-class testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services to clients from a variety of industries, including: aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, medical devices, transportation, and others. Our labs are staffed by a talented collection of chemists, engineers and technicians, each an expert in their field. Their skills, combined with ATS’ regularly calibrated highly advanced equipment, allow us to supply accurate results within a quick turn-around window.

We offer the best value to handle your polymer testing needs – we provide manufacturers the insight they need to move their business forward.

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