Applied Technical Services’ ENI Labs offers free evaluations and fair prices for power supply repair services. A power supply serves as the power source for electronic equipment and transfers electrical currents into the correct voltage, current, and frequency. 

The Importance of Power Supply

Failure to maintain proper power supply can lead to outages and service delays. Companies rely on technology and equipment that require power supply to operate, so extended delays can lead to the shutdown of an entire operation, leading to a financial loss. 

Symptoms of Power Supply Issues

Unstable power supplies cause various problems in equipment, including: 

Common Causes of Power Supply Failure
Power Supply Repair Services
Supported Manufacturers

Our highly trained technicians are qualified to repair power supply equipment for dozens of manufacturers, including:

ENI Labs: A Member of the ATS Family

ENI Labs is a member of the internationally-respected Applied Technical Services family. Our organization provides clients with quality engineering consulting, testing, inspection, and analysis services. We serve several industries, including, automotive, manufacturing, military, and more! Our calibration lab services are ISO 17025 certified and we follow the latest industry standards when conducting tests, repairs, and inspections . Call +1 (888) 287-5227 and ask about our power supply repair services.

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