ATS Employee Technical Article

Applied Technical Services strives to be an active voice in the latest developments within the testing, inspection, and engineering industries. In keeping with our drive for leadership, ATS would like to acknowledge the work of one of our own industry experts.
Burak Akyuz, manager of Metallurgy, Failure Analysis, and Polymers Testing at ATS, is an author of a technical article published in the Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention – a leading resource for current failure analysis news and peer-reviewed papers. The article, “Stress Corrosion Cracking of Tough Pitch Copper in a Bolting Application”, presents an extensive analysis of stress corrosion cracking caused by an unidentified chemical species within a set of copper pins. Akyuz is just one of the several published authors we have in our labs.
For decades, ATS has been an industry leader and aims to continue to deliver outstanding results in the future. Our metallurgical laboratory has years of experience in determining causes of metal component failure and is well-versed in failure analysis, material identification, microstructural evaluation, reverse engineering, litigation support, and more. Additionally, we proudly serve clients both nationally and internationally in multiple industries.