Daimler Class A Approved Testing Lab

Our Daimler Class 'A' Certification Acknowledging ATS as an Approved Lab

ATS Achieves Daimler Class 'A' Approval

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Applied Technical Services' Materials Testing Lab is Now Class 'A' Certified
Marietta, GA. (February 15, 2019) — Applied Technical Services is excited to announce that our Marietta Super Lab is now recognized by automaker Daimler AG as a Class ‘A’ certified materials testing laboratory. Achieving this certification has taken significant efforts due to the intensive nature of this process.
The path to Daimler recognition begins by attaining ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditation for every test method for which applicants want to be recognized. Because of how stringent the A2LA certification process is in and of itself, this represents a significant barrier to entry for most automotive testing labs.
Secondly, our technicians prepared for the rigorous auditing process. The audit itself is exhaustive, scrutinizing every aspect of our testing processes to determine their compliance with the relevant Daimler standards.

Finally, we proved competence in conducting the test methods in question — a measure of ability beyond simple compliance. Our technicians performed these test methods to their pertinent standards for attending auditors and were found proficient in their execution.

Class A certification is a highly prestigious designation for materials testing labs that serve the automotive industry because of how demanding its requirements are.
Achieving this certification signals to clients that we not only provide an excellent quality of testing services but furthermore that we are recognized by Daimler AG to perform a variety of materials testing methods to their approved standards. Class A certification distinguishes ATS from other materials testing laboratories in that we are specialized to serve the auto parts manufacturers who supply Daimler AG.
Congratulations to the Marietta Materials Testing division and happy testing!