Performing CT on Circuit Boards

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Performing CT on Circuit Boards
Marietta, GA. (June 4, 2021) —
Our computed tomography (CT) labs help clients from numerous industries get a comprehensive look at their parts and components, inside and out. CT scanning can benefit both mechanical and electronic components with versatile functionality. CT is a non-destructive, non-invasive testing process that generates a 3D x-ray model of a subject’s entire structure. The 3D model consists of thousands of x-ray images from distinct angles, combined to create a highly detailed model. This examination process can locate minute flaws in a wide variety of materials.
Computed tomography is an excellent non-destructive tool for assessing circuit boards. ATS can conduct solder joint inspections using CT, identifying any cracks, porosity, or areas starved of solder that may result in poor connections. We can measure the amount of porosity in each joint volumetrically to determine whether the porosity percentage is within acceptable limits.
CT scanning can also help with circuit board failure analysis. We can use computed tomography to determine the root cause of failure before subjecting the sample to destructive metallurgical testing. CT can give metallurgists an idea of where to cut the sample to get the most out of failure analysis testing. ATS has both the CT and metallurgical capabilities necessary to perform thorough, detailed failure analyses on circuit boards.
The immense number of images CT produces can assist with reverse engineering as well. Computed tomography takes a close look at every internal and external feature on a sample, making precise, accurate measurements.
Applied Technical Services provides failure analysis, reverse engineering, solder joint analysis, and other testing services for circuit boards. Computed tomography allows us to perform these services non-destructively while maintaining a high degree of accuracy, detail, and clarity. If you could benefit from CT on circuit boards, contact ATS today. We take a closer look!