Rope Access Technician Course

Rope Access Technician
Applied Technical Services offers a comprehensive rope access technician course for every level of certification, each one appropriate for technicians of all experience levels seeking accreditation or reaccreditation. Our rope access technician courses provide instruction on working at great heights using all standard rope access equipment. Rope access allows trained technicians to perform operations in difficult-to-reach locations safely and efficiently. The training received in an ATS rope access technician course can reduce company costs by decreasing the need for putting up structures such as scaffolding. A variety of applications benefit from rope access-trained professionals, including:
ATS rope access classes offer the following levels of SPRAT certification:
ATS rope access technician courses also satisfy the following quality standards:
ATS Certifications and Accreditations
Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services employs certified inspectors, technicians, engineers, scientists, and chemists who serve clients across numerous industries in a variety of applications, including structure inspection, infrastructure maintenance, and building and construction. With over fifty years of experience, ATS has the knowledge, resources, and skills to ensure our clients around the world receive the consistent level of high-quality service and training they need to keep their operations running smoothly. Get in touch to schedule your rope access technician course today.

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