Commercial Building Services

Commercial Building Services

Applied Technical Services’ Rope Access Division serves a wide variety of industries, including commercial buildings and structures. The testing and inspection services that we offer are second to none, and are valuable to all types of commercial real estate including structures like skyscrapers, hospitals, hotels, arenas, stadiums, parking decks and beyond. Because rope access division performs commercial building services, our inspection experts can help ensure that clients’ assets remain safe and in good condition from top to bottom.

Some of Our Most Popular Commercial Building Inspection Services Include:
Installation, Inspection, Testing and Certification
At ATS, your success is our highest priority. This is a large part of the reason why we maintain the installation, inspection, testing and even the certification of all anchor bolts that are used with rope access or fall arrest systems in accordance to all of the applicable standards of the industry today.

Many of ATS’ Rope Access Experts hold multiple accreditations and certifications, including ones like:

Our highly trained technicians can survey the conditions and various structural elements of the building in question and are able to gain direct access even to the most difficult of environments. Steel-frame structures are studied using visual inspections or other NDT methods which allow us to draw detailed conclusions and offer actionable recommendations based on any necessary repairs or maintenance that need to be performed.

If you’re in need of Rope Access Commercial Building Services and are looking for a partner that you can trust, please contact Applied Technical Services today to speak to a representative.

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