Blower Wheel Balancing

The Applied Technical Services family of companies conducts blower wheel balancing to minimize unnecessary vibrations during the operation of industrial fans.
What is a Blower Wheel?
Blower wheels stimulate airflow in HVAC systems, allowing fresh air to flow freely and efficiently throughout industrial and commercial buildings. After years of use, the blower wheel’s blades accumulate dust and dirt, which can cause the motor to vibrate excessively, signifying an imbalance in the blower wheel. Imbalance can occur for several reasons, including the following:
What is Blower Wheel Balancing, and Why is it Important?
During the blower wheel balancing procedure, technicians use a balance machine to measure the blower wheel’s amplitude of vibration to determine where the frequency of the vibrations increases. Our technicians then clean the blower and make the adjustments needed to balance the fan, improving its efficiency in the process. Failure to properly maintain and balance a blower wheel may result in the following:
More About Our Predictive Maintenance Capabilities

Our predictive maintenance program seeks to provide a personalized approach to maintenance where our technicians consider a piece of equipment’s specific needs and history when scheduling and conducting repairs. Our predictive maintenance practices help us reduce the costs associated with regularly scheduled maintenance and the downtime caused by out-of-service equipment. This strategy allows us to increase equipment availability and prolong the service life of equipment and machinery. We offer numerous predictive maintenance services, including the following:

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Applied Technical Services provides professional inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to commercial and industrial businesses. We employ experienced professionals with backgrounds in various disciplines and applications to ensure that our staff has the experience needed to provide excellent service. We work to diligently to ensure that our services are thorough, competitively priced, and personalized to meet the unique needs of our customers. Please submit a web request form for a free quote for our blower wheel balancing services.

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