Compressed Air Leak Surveys

Reliability Testing Services, an ATS company, conducts professional compressed air leak surveys to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs at industrial facilities. Compressed air system leaks account for about 20 – 30 percent of a compressor’s output, leading to inefficient energy outputs.  Fortunately, our highly trained technicians can identify and repair these common and costly issues.

Identifying Compressed Air Leaks
While some air leaks may produce an audible hissing noise, others are more subtle and produce frequencies undetectable by human ears. However, ultrasonic acoustic detectors are sensitive instruments capable of detecting compressed air leaks in noisy industrial environments. These portable instruments have directional mics, audio filters, and amplifiers that pinpoint the precise location of leaks. When surveying sites for compressed air leakage, our technicians carefully scan the environment for signs of potential leaks, which commonly occur in the following areas:
The Consequences of Compressed Air Leaks
Compressed air leaks can be financially crippling as they compromise the functionality of the entire compressed air system. Undetected leaks place a substantial burden on compressors, which can compromise their reliability and service life, increasing the costs associated with their upkeep and operation.
The Benefits of Compressed Air Leak Surveys
Compressed air leak surveys help facilities improve the efficiency of compressed air systems, which helps with the following
While compressed air leaks are common occurrences, they are not inevitable, so we recommend that clients regularly evaluate their air compression systems to monitor their status. Our technicians use state-of-the-art technology to conduct comprehensive audits that don’t affect daily operations. We help clients repair current leaks and establish plans of action to prevent the likelihood of future leakage.
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