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AGMA Gear Tooth Standards
Reliability Testing Services offers gear tooth inspection services in accordance with AGMA 1010-F14. We inspect a wide range of equipment, such as girth gears for kilns and mills, for several industries. ANSI/AGMA 1010-F14 covers several gear failure modes. The most common failures involve wear or damage to the gear teeth. RTS can inspect gear teeth to determine the root cause of any flaws, preventing further damage from occurring.
Gear Tooth Inspection Services
RTS has several inspection technologies available for inspecting gear teeth. Our experts determine the most efficient, cost-effective inspection for each client’s particular needs. Infrared thermography allows inspectors to view even slight differences in equipment temperatures. Areas with elevated temperatures may be symptomatic of flaws impairing optimal machine function. RTS also offers balancing and alignment services. Misaligned gears could pose a significant source of wear or damage to the gear teeth.
Our experts can also perform oil analysis on the gear lubrication. Oil analysis can reveal several sources of failure in equipment. Improper oil viscosity can result in gear damage. The presence of contaminants in the oil, such as wear debris, could potentially indicate corrosion or surface damage. We can detect potential flaws quickly and effectively through oil analysis.
RTS offers reliability testing programs as a long-term solution for maintaining equipment health. We can create or supplement existing programs with multiple predictive maintenance technologies for any requested length of time. This service helps clients avoid breakdowns and optimize production by providing them with real-time data regarding their equipment’s health. We design each program according to the client’s specific needs, diminishing costly repairs and unexpected downtime.
Additional Inspection Services
If any gear tooth inspection surpasses the scope of reliability testing, ATS experts in nondestructive testing, failure analysis, and other forms of testing and analysis are immediately available for assistance. NDT technicians can supplement our services with eddy current, ultrasonic, and magnetic particle testing to check for surface and subsurface flaws. If a gear has failed, our failure analysis department can determine the root cause and report detailed, precise findings. Combining our expertise in numerous fields allows us to meet all our clients’ needs.
We Prioritize Customers
Reliability Testing Services is a dependable provider for gear tooth inspection. We understand the importance of our customers’ critical equipment, so we aim to optimize machine performance and efficiency through our services. Our experts complete work as quickly and safely as possible, reporting precise, accurate findings. Experts remain available to clients who have any additional questions regarding inspections or data.
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