Infrared Thermography Training

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies provides infrared thermography training courses to help prepare candidates for new and elevated infrared thermography inspection roles.
Our Thermography Training Programs
Our infrared thermography training courses equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use thermal imaging technology for a wide range of applications, including building inspections, predictive maintenance, and mechanical system inspections. Our specialized thermography training programs cover the principles of infrared radiation, thermal imaging equipment operation, data documentation and interpretation, and practical applications across different industries. ATS’ thermography training instructors work diligently to educate training candidates with infrared radiation and its relationship to temperature. Trainees learn how objects emit infrared energy based on their temperature and how this energy can be captured by infrared cameras. Our courses cover the factors that influence thermal patterns, including emissivity, reflectivity, and environmental conditions, to thoroughly explore the principles critical to conducting accurate thermal imaging analysis.
Hands-on experience with thermal imaging equipment is a central component of our infrared thermography training programs. Participants learn how to effectively setup and operate infrared cameras, including adjusting settings for optimal image quality and capturing thermal data in different conditions and scenarios. These practical exercises allow trainees to familiarize themselves with different thermal imaging equipment to understand their capabilities and limitations.
Training at Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services offers an expansive list of training courses and programs. Some of our most popular course offerings include:
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies
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