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Detecting Infrared Radiation
Infrared radiation is a type of invisible energy on the electromagnetic spectrum that we feel as heat. All matter with a temperature higher than absolute zero emits infrared radiation. Thermographic testing, also known as thermal imaging or infrared thermography, senses long-infrared radiation and converts it into images called thermograms. Thermographic testing can be performed in real-time and allows technicians to see and measure temperature differences as small as a few hundredths of degrees Celsius.
Thermographic Testing Applications
For decades, industrial and commercial industries have used thermogrphy to their benefit. Firefighters use it to see through smoke, and energy auditors use it to assess thermal defects in building structures, for example. Thermographic testing has several uses that benefit a variety of industries. Uses include:
Thermographic testing is a safe, efficient method for predictive examination. This kind of testing has many advantages, such as:
Infrared Thermography from RTS
Our certified, experienced thermographers can offer the highest quality testing services available. Reliability Testing Services uses state-of-the-art equipment to quickly deliver accurate reporting.
Each of our technicians has experience performing many applications. Their expertise allows us to help facilities increase production opportunities with proactive maintenance. Our services benefit a wide variety of industries, such as:
RTS also offers training services to clients who have already established an in-house predictive maintenance program. We provide infrared thermography training for specific applications and ASNT-TC-1A specifications for levels 1, 2, and 3.
If you could benefit from thermographic testing, contact us today.

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