An inspector with infrared thermography certification uses a thermal imaging scanner to detect unusual heat signatures in an electrical panel.

Thermography Certification

The ATS Family of Companies provides thermography certification courses that prepare students for real-world issues detectable with infrared thermography. Our courses follow the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) recommended practice SNT-TC-1A for personnel qualification and certification training programs in nondestructive testing.
Training for All Levels of Expertise

Our courses are perfect for students of varying experience levels:

Although thermography certification is not required for those who operate IRT equipment, certified professionals benefit from learning infrared theory and hands-on experience with infrared equipment under the mentorship of experienced teachers. Official training helps students learn to optimize IRT equipment usage and analyze thermograms.

Our courses cover:

Relevant Training

We design our programs to be as relevant as possible to students. Our hands-on exercises give students practical experience using infrared equipment to prepare them for workplace requirements.

Students will learn to interpret thermograms accurately and diagnose problems in industrial and commercial property settings during an inspection. For example, we explain how IRT traces heat flow through electrical and mechanical systems and show students how to use IRT in materials testing to detect anomalies, such as cracks and voids in composite materials. We can also walk students through using IRT in building inspections to detect oddities in thermal patterns that signify air leaks, water leaks, deficient insulation, and more.
In-Person and Online Opportunities

We offer training courses led by qualified experts with years of experience in infrared thermography and professional education. You have plenty of avenues for learning at your convenience:

Additionally, we can tailor the course to focus on a particular industry or application that suits your needs. For instance, aerospace professionals can learn to use IRT to assess critical components and systems without resorting to destructive test methods.
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