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Infrared Thermography Testing

Thermography testing, or thermal imaging, is a method for quickly and accurately measuring temperature in a given area. Thermography works by detecting infrared radiation, a form of invisible energy we feel as heat, and converts the data into an image called a thermogram. This allows technicians to evaluate industrial equipment for temperature differences as little as hundredths of a degree Celsius. Our RTS technicians provide clients with thermographic testing services for a wide variety of applications, discovering impending failures that could interrupt their processes.
Applications for Thermography
Thermographic testing benefits both industrial and commercial clients. Our thermography experts apply this technology to numerous circumstances, from measuring water levels in tanks to identifying thermal defects in building structures. Other applications for thermography include:
Infrared thermography is a safe, efficient nondestructive testing (NDT) method. Our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment make our thermography services a valuable predictive technology to utilize and has several benefits, such as
RTS: Dependable Services
At Reliability Testing Services, our certified experts provide quality services with honesty and integrity, striving to provide clients with the best predictive maintenance services possible. Our technicians are proficient in several technologies, such as passive ultrasonic listening, vibration analysis, and motor circuit evaluation. We support proactive maintenance practices for a wide array of industries, including:
Our services help clients increase production opportunities, prolong equipment service life, and maintain safe practices. RTS prioritizes our customers’ needs; we deliver clear, detailed reporting as quickly as possible. Clients may contact our experts directly with any questions they have regarding testing or results.
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