servo motor repair

Applied Technical Services’ ENI Labs offers servo motor encoder repair services. A servo motor is an electric motor that automates mechanical motion using a closed-loop control circuit. Many industries use servo motors because of their efficient and accurate operation. 

What is an Encoder?

A servo motor encoder is a sensor that detects the motor’s speed, angle, and position. The encoder provides positional feedback to the controller, sending electrical signals to the driver and amplifying the signals sent to the servo motor. 

Absolute Encoder

Absolute encoders use unique data words to provide information on the true angular position of a rotating shaft. Absolute encoders offer several advantages over incremental encoders, including: 

Incremental Encoder

Incremental encoders measure the change in angular position without measuring the absolute position itself. Incremental encoders have several advantages over absolute encoders, including:

Repair Services
The Importance of Servo Motor Encoder Repair Services

Encoders improve the accuracy and reliability of servo motors, making their maintenance very important to the motor’s functionality.  Repairs are often much less expensive than replacements, but the repairs should come from trustworthy hands. ATS technicians are highly skilled and trained to repair encoders manufactured by the industry’s leading brands, including:

ENI Labs: A Member of the ATS Family

ENI Labs is a member of the Applied Technical Services family. Our organization provides engineering consulting, inspections, testing, and analysis services to companies worldwide. We’ve developed a reputation of excellence by providing professional services to clients in various industries and adopting the latest industry standards. Our technicians are qualified to repair different brands and types of encoders. Call +1 (888) 287-5227 and request a free quote for our servo motor encoder repair services. 

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