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Servo Motor Repair Services

Applied Technical Services’ ENI Labs offers servo motor repair services. We provide free evaluations, quick turn-around times, emergency repair services, and include a one-year warranty with our servo motor repairs.

A servo motor is a linear or rotary actuator that pushes and rotates machine parts accurately and precisely. Servo motors belong to a closed-loop system, often comprised of three parts, an electric motor, controller, and feedback device.

The Importance of Servo Motor Repair Services

Servo Motors are highly efficient and thus very important to manufacturing processes. Manufacturing speed depends on the operation of servo motors, so the process slows down when servo motors are broken or in poor condition. Failure to maintain servo motors can lead to decreased efficiency and increased costs.

Servo Motors: Common Issues
AC / DC Servo Drive Repair Services

Our experts utilize a complex evaluation system to assess the source of your servo drive problems. Ship us your motor, drive, and cable, and we’ll examine each and only bill you for the unit we repair. We repair various types of servo motors, including:

AC Servo Motors

DC Servo Motors

Supported Manufacturers

We offer repairs for dozens of manufacturers, including : 

ENI Labs: A Member of the ATS Family

As a member of the ATS family, ENI Labs provides premier consulting engineering, testing, and inspection services. We are committed to providing clients with quick and comprehensive services without compromising our dedication to customer service, safety, and professionalism. Servo motors are complex systems that require specialized equipment and our experts have the equipment necessary to assess the health of servo motors and troubleshoot the motor’s encoder. The average motor repair shop may not have the equipment needed to repair your servo motor, so consider our organization for your repair needs. Call +1 (888) 287-5227 and ask for a free quote today!

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