ASME Inspectors and Inspections

ASME Inspectors and Inspections

Visual Inspections Per ASME Nondestructive Testing Handbook 3rd Edition, Volume 10

ATS' ASME Inspectors and Inspections

Applied Technical Services is an independent testing and inspection company offering quality visual inspections. Our certified NDT experts will observe your test component(s) ensuring it is in conformance to specifications. The inspectors have the knowledge and experience to identify any surface anomalies that are visible directly to the eye or visible indirectly using approved optical instruments. Many times, surface anomalies can be an indicator of potential structural and mechanical failures ultimately resulting in unsafe and unreliable products.

Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) Certification

ATS meets the certification requirements of the ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance Program. This certification allows us to provide third party testing and inspections on products needing to meet stringent standards established by the nuclear industry. Our technically advanced labs and certified experts provide product validation, accurate testing and detailed reports that reflect the quality of your products and their capability to meet designated regulations.


With over 28 locations, ATS serves clients nationally and internationally from a large variety of industries:

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