FRP Fiberglass Pipe Inspections

FRP Fiberglass pipe inspections

FRP Fiberglass Pipe Inspections

Applied Technical Services performs FRP fiberglass pipe inspections and evaluations to applicable codes and standards, including the following:

Trained, Certified, and Licensed Personnel
ATS understands that our clients require a full condition assessment on their equipment instead of a mere inspection, as the former can allow the owner to schedule out subsequent inspections, budget for any significant repairs, and plan for future shutdowns. As qualified 3rd party fiberglass pipe consultants, ATS’ trained, certified, and licensed personnel perform both condition assessments and inspections. ATS employs trained personnel in-house, each of whom holds FTPI and FRPI inspector certifications, as well as licensed Professional Engineers.
Routine Inpsections
Maintaining a strict inspection schedule for your fiberglass pipe reduces the likelihood of containment loss while keeping both the environment and personnel safe from potential disaster. ATS can help identify potential problems and damage mechanisms before they devolve into major hazards. The ATS engineering team regularly develops calculations and repair plans to ensure client repair contractors have a detailed scope of work before beginning any repair work. Clients need practical condition assessments and minimal downtime to get maximal inspection value — concerns that ATS addresses through our expertise and professionalism.
Mechanical Integrity Programs
Mechanical integrity programs prove indispensable to both condition monitoring and process safety management (PSM) performed on a fixed asset. ATS’ engineering team can both evaluate and develop a mechanical integrity program specific to individual fiberglass piping systems. Instituting a comprehensive mechanical integrity program encompasses several aspects, including:
High-Quality Service
ATS is dedicated to continually improving our customers’ experience. Our qualified experts deliver results that are clear, precise, and accurate as quickly as possible, as doing so allows companies to make timely, informed decisions. ATS’ team of customer service personnel connects clients with questions to responsive subject-matter experts, ready to answer their concerns.

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