Technician in a tank completing an MFL inspection on a tank floor

MFL Inspections

Applied Technical Services offers MFL inspections, or magnetic flux leakage inspections, for tank floors. MFL testing is a technique for identifying flaws in ferromagnetic vessels such as storage tanks. We conduct magnetic flux leakage inspections according to the following standards:
MFL testing is a quick and cost-effective method for examining tank floors. This technique temporarily magnetizes the material under inspection, allowing the inspector to identify disruptions in the magnetic field, which indicate flaws in the material. Magnetic flux leakage data is highly accurate and repeatable, making MFL a reliable testing method.
MFL Experts

Applied Technical Services’ trained, certified, and licensed MFL experts provide more than a simple inspection; they offer true condition assessments for fixed assets. Using MFL technology, we can perform inspections that don’t affect the equipment’s mechanical integrity. The data that our licensed professional engineers and certified API inspectors collect helps proprietors to plan their future shutdowns, schedule upcoming inspections, and budget for needed repairs. As 3rd party tank consultants, ATS helps clients with all their fixed equipment needs.

Periodic Testing
Consistent testing and inspections lower the risks of equipment failure and containment loss, creating a safer environment for personnel. An inadequate inspection schedule can lead to a buildup of damage to equipment from flaws such as corrosion. Applied Technical Services’ routine inspection programs keep fixed assets functioning optimally. MFL testing allows us to identify flaws early, including issues with corrosion, wall loss, pitting, and grooving. Our experts evaluate equipment conditions and calculate repair plans for clients’ repair contractors, outlining the scope of necessary repair work. We use practical condition assessments to help clients prioritize their assets’ needs and minimize their downtime. By giving our clients a thorough understanding of their equipment’s health, we maximize our inspection value at a competitive cost.
Comprehensive Mechanical Integrity Programs
ATS provides mechanical integrity programs to help clients monitor fixed asset health and apply process safety management, or PSM. Whether you need an MFL inspection or underwater ROV services, we can assess or establish a program to meet your specific needs. An ATS mechanical integrity program generally addresses the following:
Our mechanical integrity programs can include equipment such as tanks, piping, pressure vessels, and other related components. We inspect equipment for signs of cracking, internal and external corrosion, fatigue, corrosion under insulation, erosion, flow-accelerated corrosion, and manufacturing flaws.
Magnetic flux leakage inspections are especially useful to our clients in the chemical and petrochemical industries, where containment loss could lead to major disasters. In addition to MFL, we offer several nondestructive inspection methods, such as ROV inspections, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic thickness testing, bubble leak testing, radiographic testing, and penetrant testing. Our experienced inspectors can help clients determine the method that best fits their needs.
Excellence in MFL
Applied Technical Services works to provide the best possible mechanical integrity services. We prioritize safety and customer satisfaction, offering detailed, accurate, and rapid results. Our dedicated experts keep clients informed about their equipment’s health and answer any questions they may have regarding data or testing.
If you need MFL inspections, contact ATS today.

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