Piping Inspections

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Piping Inspections
Applied Technical Services performs piping inspections and evaluations according to the following applicable codes and standards:
Trained, Certified, and Licensed Personnel
Clients need service beyond a simple inspection for their piping systems; ATS knows that the information from a true condition assessment can outfit fixed-asset owners with the knowledge they need to plan their inspection schedule, allocate for any required repairs, and determine the best way to conduct planned shutdowns. ATS provides piping inspections and condition assessments through the efforts of our trained, licensed, and certified personnel. ATS maintains this team of qualified individuals — each a certified API inspector and licensed Professional Engineer — in-house to keep costs down for our clients.
Routine Inspections
Upholding an inspection schedule keeps clients up to date on the condition of their asset, allowing owners to mitigate the costs associated with component failure — potentially including damage to the environment or endangering personnel in the case of containment loss — by intervening before potential issues and damage mechanisms snowball into major hazards. Our engineering team can calculate service life-expectancy and create repair plans to outfit your repair contractor with a comprehensive scope of work before any repairs commence. ATS understands our clients’ business needs, and so commits to minimizing downtime and maximizing the inspection’s value by providing thorough practical condition assessments.
Mechanical Integrity Programs
Process safety management (PSM) and condition monitoring rely on well planned mechanical integrity programs to provide a holistic approach to ensuring the performance of fixed assets. The ATS engineering team regularly assesses and develops mechanical integrity programs for individual piping systems. A sufficient mechanical integrity program typically addresses the following aspects:
High-Quality Service
ATS commits itself to continually improving our customers’ experience. We uphold stringent customer service policies ensure that our experts deliver accurate, precise, and clear results quickly, empowering clients to make timely, informed decisions. Our customer service ambassadors connect clients to the most relevant expert when they reach out regarding the status or results of their inspection reports.
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