The Applied Technical Services EMI lab is equipped with advanced electromagnetic testing technology and staffed by certified EMI and EMC testing experts.
Electromagnet Interference
EMI is the emission of electromagnetic signals or noise from an electronic device that causes interference with the electronic components in other machinery, equipment, or vehicles. While all electronic devices emit a certain level of interference, it must fall within specified parameters determined by regulatory committees such as the RTCA, FAA, and DOD.
What is an EMI Lab?
An EMI lab is a facility capable of conducting electromagnetic interference testing. An EMI testing facility must be ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited to achieve industry compliance, as a testing facility lacking these credentials cannot ensure the accuracy of their test results.
ATS EMI Lab Services
Applied Technical Services offers an extensive list of EMI testing procedures, including:
The Future of the ATS EMI Lab
The Applied Technical Services EMI lab is at the forefront of EMI and EMC testing, standing as a leading contender on the global stage of industrial electromagnetic testing. With over fifty years of experience, ATS has the knowledge and resources to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction on every project. Contact the proven experts at Applied Technical Services today to schedule your next EMI/EMC testing.

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