ESD sparks over RF electronics components

ESD Testing

Applied Technical Services performs ESD testing to verify compliance with industry standards and ensure equipment and personnel safety.
ESD, or electrostatic discharge, is caused by two subjects with different charges making contact with one another. An exchange of electrons occurs, creating an electromagnetic field expansion that results in electrostatic discharge. The electrostatic discharge created by a person coming into contact with an electronic component can transfer thousands of volts of static electricity, damaging sensitive electronic circuits and potentially causing device malfunction or failure. Due to this inherent risk, it is crucial that aircraft undergo ESD testing to maintain compliance with the industry standards set by regulatory entities such as the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
ESD Testing and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electrostatic discharge testing is required to verify compliance with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) standards, such as RTCA-DO-160. This standard establishes guidelines for various aspects of electromagnetic compatibility and interference testing, such as electrostatic discharge. ATS performs EMI/EMC testing in accordance with MIL-STD-461 CS118, as well as the following RTCA-DO-160 sections:
Why Applied Technical Services?
With over fifty years of experience, Applied Technical Services has the expertise and resources to guarantee the highest level of client satisfaction on projects across wide variety of disciplines. Our longstanding partnerships with military, aerospace, automotive, and nuclear companies around the world have established Applied Technical Services as the distinguished leader in industrial testing. ATS incorporates the use of innovative technologies to maximize the value of our ESD testing services, providing accurate and detailed reporting while reducing client costs. ATS employs the industry’s premier ESD testing experts and is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA. Get in contact with us today to schedule your next ESD testing.

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