Filiform Corrosion Testing

Applied Technical Services provides clients with filiform corrosion testing. Filiform corrosion occurs under a thin layer of coating in the form of threadlike filaments. We can identify filiform corrosion on metallic surfaces that are covered with an organic film. Based on the unique appearance of fine filament lines, the pattern of the corrosion can be characterized. We test filiform corrosion resistance of metals in compliance with ASTM D2803 and ISO 4623.

Filiform Corrosion is Commonly Discovered On:

Corrosion can cause large financial losses among the various sectors it affects. In fact, a report released by NACE International estimated that corrosion impacts the United States economy by more than 250 billion dollars. The sectors significantly affected by corrosion include utilities, infrastructure, transportation, and manufacturing.

ATS Provides Other Corrosion Testing Including:

Standards We Test To:

Environmental Testing at Applied Technical Services

The environmental testing department at ATS will test client samples to ensure they perform as expected under specified conditions. We can subject the test samples to a wide range of environmental agents and conditions simulating extreme service environments.

Common Environmental Agents Include:

ATS applies these effects to test samples using a multitude of advanced equipment. With a large range of equipment at the disposal of our experts, some of the common test methods performed in our lab include:

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