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Why Package Testing

Applied Technical Services offers package testing within our environmental testing laboratory. Packages are designed to protect their contents from many harmful factors during shipping and handling, including varying temperatures and humidity, being dropped or pushed, and experiencing vibrations. Fortunately, package testing services from labs such as ATS can methodically test packages to ensure that they meet the right standards. The reliability and efficiency of successful packaging design can save companies a significant amount of time, effort, and expense.


Packages can experience both vertical and horizontal compression during storage and shipping. Stacking products on top of each other – as well as handling them with machine clamps – can put stress on the packaging and possibly damage their contents. Our technicians apply force to the faces of packaging using specialized lab equipment to accurately simulate such shipping scenarios and determine the effectiveness of the sample’s design.


Shock testing simulates situations where packages might experience a sudden impact, such as being dropped, knocked over, or struck by another object. ATS can assess packaging material performance against such shock impacts by using a range of box drop tests:


Packaging materials can act as a buffer against vibrations that often occur during transport, such as road transport or movement on conveyors. Excessive vibration could result in product fractures, bruises, or loose components. Our technicians use a vibration table to assess how well the packaging protects its contents from being damaged.


Packages in transport must survive varying atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity. The environmental testing lab simulates these conditions to determine if they both withstand and protect their contents from exposure to different environmental stimuli.
ATS and Package Testing
For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has centered its services on proven scientific and engineering principles, along with excellence in customer service. ATS’ experienced technicians quickly and accurately perform package testing to identify strengths and weaknesses in your packaging materials. Contact us today for more information about our package testing services. ATS – We take a closer look!

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