Xenon-arc UV testing machines

SAE J2527 Testing

Cars experience various forms of weathering during service: moisture, temperature changes, and sunlight, to name a few. The automotive industry sets stringent requirements for vehicles’ resistance to weathering damage. At ATS, we perform automotive testing to several standards. We can assure clients of their product’s longevity by providing thermal cycling, corrosion, adhesion, abrasion, flammability, and weathering testing. Our technicians can operate within specific parameters to ascertain precisely what a sample product can or cannot withstand.
The SAE J2527 Testing Standard
SAE J2527 is a specific testing standard for automotive exterior materials. The standard applies to water-cooled xenon-arc equipment with controlled irradiance. The SAE J2527 test simulates outdoor conditions that automotive exteriors would experience during service. Our Atlas machines use xenon-arc powered lights designed to closely mimic sunlight, consisting of visible light, UV radiation, and infrared light. Filters adjust the lighting to fit within the parameters of a specific test, such as the SAE J2527.
The xenon weathering machines precisely control humidity, water spray, and temperature to closely approximate real-world conditions and operate within testing requirements. Our technicians can measure the test results by evaluating both the structural (impact resistance, abrasion, tensile strength) and visual (optical transmission, haze, gloss, color change) properties of the sample material.
ATS Weathering Testing
Our goal at ATS is to provide a one-stop-shop for automotive testing. The experienced technicians in our weathering lab contribute to that goal by executing high-quality xenon-arc testing. Applied Technical Services strives to exceed client expectations. Our lab can accommodate non-flat samples for xenon-arc testing. Our data logging software ensures standard compliance throughout the sample’s entire exposure period. Our accuracy allows us to test several standards, including SAE J2412, ASTM G155, ASTM D4459, SAE J1885, ASTM D2565, ISO 4892–2, and ASTM D6695.
We hold ourselves publicly accountable for our effective quality management practices through our annually registered ISO 9001 quality assurance program. We have maintained this certification uninterrupted since 1998 to show clients our dedication to excellence. With clients from various industries around the globe, we believe in the importance of clear communication. To ensure exemplary customer experience, we implement the following policies:
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