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Salt Spray Resistance Testing

Applied Technical Services offers salt spray resistance testing to help clients assess their materials’ resilience in corrosive environments. Corrosion is a major contributor to equipment failure, affecting everything from bridges and piping systems to hand tools and automotive components. Salt spray testing, also known as salt fog testing, exposes samples to a controlled saline environment to measure their durability at an accelerated rate so clients know how corrosion-resistant their products or materials are before releasing them into service. This test method commonly serves to evaluate protective paints and surface coatings.
Salt Spray Methods
Standard salt spray testing uses a five percent solution of sodium chloride (NaCl) to test samples for corrosion resistance. More rigorous tests, such as CASS or AASS, augment the solution with chemicals such as copper chloride or acetic acid. Testing experts maintain precise control over the salt spray chamber’s conditions, such as pH and temperature. Testing may last anywhere between a few and a few thousand hours, depending on the client’s needs.
ATS offers both static and cyclic salt spray resistance tests. Static tests keep testing conditions constant, whereas cyclic tests expose test specimens to several distinct environments in a repeating cycle. Cyclic testing generally includes several phases: salt spray, drying, condensing humidity, and controlled temperature humidity.
ASTM B117 Practices
The ASTM B117 salt spray test standard specifies how to set up salt spray resistance tests in a way that produces consistent results in any lab or chamber. This standard practice outlines the parameters for creating a standardized corrosive environment. Numerous standards use the framework established in ASTM B117 to set up more specific tests. ATS conducts testing according to the following standards that reference ASTM B117:
Salt Spray Testing Standards
Applied Technical Services’ salt spray testing lab conducts corrosion resistance tests according to a wide variety of standards. We have A2LA accreditation to perform many of these tests, including:

ASTM Standards

ISO Standards

DIN Standards

SAE Standards

Ford Standards

GM Standards

We also perform several commonly requested evaluations in conjunction with corrosion resistance tests, such as:
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Weathering Testing with ATS
Applied Technical Services performs a wide range of weathering and corrosion tests in addition to salt spray resistance. Manufacturers need to know that their products and materials can withstand all the service conditions they will need to endure. We can evaluate their samples’ physical, thermal, and chemical properties, providing a comprehensive evaluation for clients to review. We offer several forms of weathering testing, including:
ATS: High-Quality Services
Applied Technical Services has provided clients with high-quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services since our founding in 1967. We are continually expanding our range of services and currently offer salt spray testing at multiple ATS locations. Our experts deliver detailed, accurate reports, ensuring that clients have a thorough understanding of their product or material’s qualities.
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