Salt spray testing chambers
Corrosion Testing
Corrosion due to moisture and salt exposure occurs in nearly every industry, costing millions in repairs. While the bulk of salt exposure occurs along coastlines, salt is also present in the ground, atmosphere, rivers, and lakes. In colder climates, road salt contributes largely to corrosion on vehicles and bridges. Salt spray testing labs evaluate how salt and moisture corrosion impact products and materials. At ATS, we perform accelerated salt spray (also known as salt fog) corrosion tests to assess metal, coating, and plating performance in corrosive environments. We test automotive and aerospace parts, fasteners, and other products for changes in integrity.
Our Salt Fog Lab
The ATS salt spray lab measures corrosion progression at intervals, corrosion creepage on scratched surfaces, coating adhesion, degree of rusting, and degree of coating blistering. We ensure that our clients’ products can withstand the corrosive environments in which they will serve. Our technicians utilize several salt spray testing methods, including:
ATS performs corrosion testing for numerous industries with the capacity to evaluate both small and large samples. We test to a wide range of standards, such as:
Our facility utilizes up-to-date equipment to provide our clients with accurate data. Our environmental testing experts conduct the above procedures in compliance with ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited standards. ATS provides photographic and qualitative data, as well as details on the chamber conditions, including pH and temperature. We can also provide the test chamber’s calibration and compliance data.
Our Dedication to Quality
For more than 50 years, ATS has provided reliable testing and inspections for a variety of industries. Our salt spray tests benefit:
We help our clients avoid costly repairs, safety risks, and lost production by testing the durability of their products, parts, and components. ATS commits to providing high-quality service, which includes promptly reporting clear, detailed findings. Our salt spray experts can answer any questions about testing, results, or data. Our knowledgeable staff can ensure that all your salt spray testing needs are met.
If you are looking for a leader among reliable salt spray testing labs, contact ATS today.

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