UV Exposure Testing

UV Aging Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts UV light tests in compliance with UV aging testing standards and regulations.

What is UV Aging Testing?
UV aging testing is an accelerated aging process where manufacturers can observe how quickly a material degrades when subjected to varying levels of UV radiation for extended periods. UV chambers mimic the sun’s effect on materials, which provides insight into a product’s resistance to UV degradation.
Our UV Testing Services
Our environmental testing features multiple UV testing instruments capable of conducting the following types of tests:
We offer numerous ASTM-compliant UV testing services, including:
Why is it Important to UV Age Test Products?
UV age testing is essential in determining the longevity and durability of various products, especially those exposed to sunlight and UV radiation. UV testing helps manufacturers assess their product’s quality and safety.
UV age testing helps manufacturers ensure product quality and reliability. Sunlight and UV radiation can cause materials to degrade, fade, or weaken over time. By exposing products to UV radiation in controlled conditions, manufacturers can identify potential weaknesses and areas that need improvement, leading to longer-lasting, more reliable products.
UV age testing helps assess safety. UV-induced degradation can compromise the reliability and performance of various products, such as outdoor furniture, automotive components, and medical devices. UV age testing enables manufacturers to make necessary changes to improve their products’ safety and resistance to UV degradation.
Our Commitment to Quality
In our 55 years of business, we have continued to improve and expand our extensive list of services as we provide high-quality services that benefit a wide range of industries. Our A2LA-accredited labs help our clients address their unique needs as they comply with industry standards and regulations. To ensure our clients have positive experiences, our informed and engaged staff provides the following:
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