Ground Vibration Analysis and Testing

Ground Vibration Analysis
What is Ground Vibration Analysis?

Applied Technical Services is a proud provider of ground vibration analysis services in a host of different industries. Our team will perform a detailed site survey of a location ahead of the installation of sensitive equipment.

Our findings will then be compared to the environmental specifications of the original equipment manufacturer, along with industry standard guidelines, to help eliminate potential issues that can result from natural challenges present in the area.

Factors That Influence Unwanted Vibrations

A huge number of different environmental properties can lead to unwanted vibrations, ultimately negatively affecting the operation of a sensitive piece of equipment. Any mechanical device that happens to be in motion can lead to unwanted vibrations due to mechanical failure, mechanical looseness, fluid-induced instabilities, imbalances in rotating parts and more.

The natural motion of engines, electric motors and other properties, if not properly accounted for at the design phase, can also lead to similar situations.

ATS On-Site Services

At Applied Technical Services, our qualified team of engineers and technicians are capable of providing a number of distinct ground vibration analysis services on-site to better meet your needs. These include but are not limited to things like:

  • Pump Acceptance Testing
  • Vibration Diagnostics
  • Fan Acceptance Testing
  • Vibration Training
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Condition Monitoring / PdM
  • Field Balancing
  • Modal Analysis
The Importance of Ground Vibration Analysis

Ground vibration analysis is hugely important in terms of the operation of sensitive equipment. A number of ground properties have a natural effect on vibration, from the stiffness of the floor system in place to qualities like damping and natural frequency and more. All of this can ultimately negatively affect the way a piece of sensitive equipment operates, at best providing something that isn’t working the way it’s supposed to and at worst creating a dangerous situation for the operator and everyone else in the area.

Ground vibration analysis allows highly qualified analysts to help engineer these solutions in such a way that the vibration variations are accounted for, eliminating problems and increasing workplace safety at the same time.

Applied Technical Services — The Provider You Can Trust

Applied Technical Services’ consulting engineering professionals offer a wide range of engineered solutions for vibration analysis and more. With over 50 years of experience in engineering, testing and inspections, we’re incredibly proud of the reputation that we’ve built during that time. Our highly qualified staff, coupled with our industry leading Quality Assurance Program, allows us to provide accurate and comprehensive reporting to clients in all fields at all times.

If your organization is looking for a trusted ground vibration analysis provider who can deliver you the results you need with lightning-fast turnaround times, please contact Applied Technical Services today.

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