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ISO 12219-4 Testing

Applied Technical Services performs ISO 12219-4 testing to serve our clients in the automotive manufacturing industry. Many common products and materials emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including vehicle interior components. VOCs negatively impact air quality, with the potential to irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. People spend a lot of time in cars, so manufacturers must ensure that VOC content does not exceed regulated limits for any interior material. ISO 12219 outlines several methods for testing automotive VOCs, including static chamber, micro-scale chamber, small chamber, and bag testing. Each test targets different types of compounds or materials. ATS performs several of these standards, including ISO 12219-4 testing.
The ISO 12219-4 Testing Standard
ISO 12219-4 is both a quantitative and qualitative method for analyzing emissions from car trim materials. This method uses small test chambers to simulate real service conditions. ISO 12219-4 tests for vapor-phase organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) in a volatility range of n-hexane to n-hexadecane. The standard also covers volatile carbonyl compounds, including formaldehyde.
ISO 12219-4 provides an approach for:
VOC Testing at ATS
Our chemists regularly test materials according to automotive industry standards. We provide a comprehensive range of testing for pre-production certification and product performance. Our labs use several methods of VOC testing, including:
Our labs perform each of these tests to several standards, including OEM specs, ISO, EPA, DIN, VDA, and SAE. We are ISO 17025 accredited for a chemical scope, and we maintain a GC/MS dedicated to automotive testing to prevent any cross-contamination and carry-overs.
ATS is always adding to its capabilities; if you do not see the method you are looking for, contact us with your needs.
Our Dedication to Customer Experience
For over fifty years, Applied Technical Services has offered world-class testing, inspection, and engineering services. We strive to provide fully comprehensive services for all automotive testing requirements. At ATS, our responsive customer service ambassadors connect clients with the most relevant staff member who can assist them with their questions. We deliver clear, detailed, and accurate test results as quickly as possible. With competitive pricing and high-quality customer service, Applied Technical Services is the right choice for VOC testing.
If your company needs ISO 12219-4 testing, contact ATS today.

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