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VOC Chamber Testing

Applied Technical Services (ATS) performs VOC chamber testing for the automotive industry (among others) to help ensure our clients meet vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) requirements. Volatile organic compounds, more commonly referred to as VOCs, are a class of chemicals characterized by their ability to emit at room temperature and increased temperatures as well. The off-gassing of VOCs does emit an odor and is a human health concern. Passenger compartments are airtight, and the materials used most often in interior trim (e.g., leather, fabric, vinyl, various coatings, etc.) are known to emit VOCs; therefore, the EPA and automotive industry began imposing VOC limits on vehicles’ interior components. The ATS chemical analysis team’s expertise in this subject can help clients comply with industry standards and regulations by testing, detecting, measuring, and identifying VOCs in samples. One of the ways we provide this service is through our VOC chamber testing capabilities.

ATS' Chamber Testing Capabilities

Chamber testing accommodates larger samples, thus allowing our chemists to analyze components, subassemblies, and other solid analytes. Our chamber features a variety of environmental controls that simulate various vehicle interior conditions. ATS detects and precisely quantifies VOCs present using sensitive instrumentation, which is capable of identifying the compounds emitted by their molecular weight. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and affiliated parts suppliers have come to rely on ATS to meet VOC testing needs of the automotive testing, which includes chamber testing to the following specifications:

Our VOC testing lab also performs other methods of detection and identification as appropriate to our clients’ needs, including:

About ATS

Since our founding in 1967, ATS has continually improved and increased our testing capabilities. Our ISO 17025 scope of accreditation has expanded over the years, as has our testing expertise. ATS offers a comprehensive array of services, from testing to inspection, from calibration to forensic investigation, from training to certification, and of course, consulting engineering. Although we work alongside companies from a variety of industries, our proficiency with VOC chamber testing primarily benefits our automotive clients.

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