VOC Emissions

VOC Emissions

Many common materials create VOC emissions at room temperatures. The presence of these volatile organic compounds has a negative effect on air quality, as they are harmful to humans in large quantities. VOCs are thoroughly regulated by industry standards for that reason. Manufacturers and OEMs turn to respected testing companies like Applied Technical Services to perform VOC emissions testing on their products, to ensure they are consumer safe and regulation-compliant.
ATS' VOC Testing Services

In order to ensure compliance, our team of chemists regularly tests materials according to various methods and standards set forth by the automotive industry. We quickly and efficiently fulfill the VOC testing requirements of manufacturers and OEMs, and will conduct a failure analysis should such a step become necessary. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive testing experience; whether you require pre-production certification or product performance testing, we have the capacity to handle your emissions testing needs. We maintain a dedicated automotive GC/MS to ensure no cross contamination or carry-over occurs.

ATS is adding to its capabilities daily — if the method you’re looking for is not listed, contact us with your needs.
ATS performs the following types of VOC emissions testing methods and standards:
Bag Testing
Formaldehyde & Aldehydes
Dynamic Thermodesorption
Chamber Testing
Micro Chamber

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