Side Bend Test

Applied Technical Services (ATS) performs a side bend test to determine the ductility and strength of a material. A side bend test is similar to face and root bend tests and is often used as a quality control procedure for butt-welds. It is a straightforward and low-cost qualitative method where specimens are bent and as a result the side of the weld is on the outside or convex surface. A side bend test can uncover defects in the interior and fusion zones of welds that can reveal cracking, inclusions, an absence of sidewall or root fusion, reduced penetration, excessive undercut, or inner porosity.

Testing specifications will vary depending on the mandrel size. ATS implements several free-form or guided bend tests for samples up to 180°. Most often, the outer surface of the bend undergoes plastic deformation, exposing any defects or embrittlement of the material composition by premature failure.

Our technicians depend on this test for procedure qualifications, welder performance qualifications, and material qualifications. A side bend test ensures that the weld metal and heat-affected zone (HAZ) displays the correct mechanical properties from properly fused weld and base materials.

Bend Testing Standards:
Methods and Analysis:

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