A cracked weld that fails the certification test

Welding Certification Test

Whether our clients need a welding certification test for pre-employment screening or qualification documentation purposes, Applied Technical Services’ weld testing experts can provide the data they need. Our mechanical and nondestructive testing capabilities allow us to test all aspects of welder performance and procedure qualifications. Our weld testing specialists ensure that welders conform to applicable codes and standards, including AMS, AWS, ASME, API, and PED/EN.
Our Weld Testing Facility
ATS’ spacious weld testing facility has properly lit weld testing booths and sufficient equipment to make test-takers feel comfortable. Our certified welding inspectors oversee the tests, checking for proper setup and technique. We assess weld quality for the selected weld process (GMAW, SMAW, or GTAW) according to applicable codes and standards. ATS also keeps a stock of common test coupons required for certification testing.
ATS assists clients with a wide variety of qualifications. We certify fillet and groove welds in a variety of pipe and plate positions, such as flat, horizontal, flat, and overhead. We test structural welding capabilities for shipyards, bridges, industrial construction, sheet steel, and reinforcing bars. We also offer welder qualification tests for aircraft components, pressure vessels, and power plant construction. We cover numerous welding processes, including shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, and gas metal arc welding.
Our Testing Capabilities
Clients may send in weld coupons for our weld testing lab can evaluate. We perform several forms of mechanical and nondestructive testing for any weld configuration. Our testing capabilities include:
These tests allow us to assess weld integrity with a high level of detail. We check for porosity, penetration, cracks, fusion, and slag inclusions, among other qualities. Utilizing our arsenal of testing methods, we can determine whether a weld coupon meets applicable requirements. We can perform mechanical and nondestructive tests for any weld coupon configuration.
ATS: Welding Certification Experts
Applied Technical Services has provided clients with testing and inspection services for more than 50 years. We specialize in weld testing and certifications, helping clients with everything from weld procedure specification development to failure analysis. Our experts work directly with clients to fulfill their needs and deliver detailed data as quickly as possible. Our experts can answer any additional questions clients may have concerning data or testing.
If you need a welding certification test, contact ATS today.

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