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ATS' Denver, Colorado Location
Our Denver, Colorado Applied Technical Services location offers both engineering services and nondestructive testing (NDT) services to best fit your unique needs and challenges. Between a commitment to excellence and our range of testing and inspection capabilities, ATS is proud to be the premier engineering source to a wide variety of businesses in many different industries.
Engineering Services

Since the company originally opened its doors in 1967, Applied Technical Services (ATS) is proud of the reputation it has been able to build and maintain as one of the leading engineering firms in North America. The ATS Denver, Colorado location is singularly dedicated to combining unparalleled engineering practices with the types of hands-on and practical problem solving solutions that help clients reduce risk and cut costs in one fell swoop.

Rope Access

Rope access inspection services take safety to a whole new level, allowing inspections to get done faster, with fewer people and with minimal (or nonexistent) downtimes for your operation. This division makes the inaccessible accessible for inspections and surveys. Just a few of the rope access services offered by ATS include:

Fall Protection Services

Fall protection services, like those offered by ATS, are designed to make sure that you have a high quality, dependable infrastructure in place to allow your work-at-heights employees and contractors to do their work WITHOUT needing to worry about their safety.

Just a few of the fall protection systems that ATS proudly offers include:

Roof Anchors

Roof anchors are commonly used in a wide range of naturally dangerous work environments, from window washing platforms to suspended scaffolding. Above all else, they’re designed to help you continue your commitment to safety and provide a unique solution to address the specific challenges you and the equipment users currently face.

A few of the roof anchor systems offered by ATS include:

Davit Systems

Davit systems are commonly used for exterior facade maintenance rigging systems with suspended scaffolding and swing stage equipment. They are another important aspect to safely accessing building facades for window washing, exterior painting and caulking projects, and should be in compliance with regulations and standards to provide the safest work environment possible.

A few of the services that ATS offers in relation to davit systems include:

NDT Services

Applied Technical Services (ATS) is incredibly proud to serve Colorado and its surrounding states by offering nondestructive testing services to a wide range of different industries in customized and cost-effective ways.

Tank Pipe and Pressure Vessel


The tank inspection services offered by ATS not only include documented reports, quality assurance, and accurate inspections, but also adhere to popular industry standards like API, NACE, OSHA and beyond.

Some of the tank components that ATS engineers can inspect during our services include:

API 653 Tank Inspections
API 653 tank inspections use targeted evaluations on above ground storage tanks to test for a wide range of different mechanical integrity issues, which include but are not limited to things like:
API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspections

ATS professionals use targeted API 510 pressure vessel inspections to help reveal a wide range of different types of damage and deterioration that you may be dealing with. This includes issues like cracking or broken components, eroded components, wall thinning, corrosion under insulation, and tide line and corrosion zones. A few of the pressure vessels within our expertise include deaerator tanks, heat exchanges, and Division 1 and Division 2 ASME Section VIII.

API 570 Piping Inspections

At ATS, our API 570 piping inspections and evaluation program is designed from the ground up to offer you a dedicated solution to address specific challenges you may face. We offer a wide range of mechanical integrity capabilities including program management, engineering evaluations, pipe support placement evaluation, thermal analysis evaluation, and damage mechanism driven inspections.

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