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Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services (ATS) has become one of the leading NDT companies in North America. Our Greenville, SC branch office specializes in Non-destructive Testing for Aerospace and Automotive Industry, Power Plants, Chemical Plants and Iron and Steel Foundries.

Concrete Radiography
Obstructions can be located with 100% accuracy with reliable radiographs. X-rays give us the ability to identify rebar, conduit, and post-tension cables in concrete structures up to 24” thick. Our services are guaranteed to give you the results you need.
Tanks, Pressure Vessels, and Piping Systems
Through the use of automated ultrasonic thickness crawlers, continuous thickness scans can be performed on the shell of carbon steel tanks and vessels, as well as piping systems. This inspection data is presented in a graphical format that can include minimum wall thickness calculations in accordance with a variety of standards such as API-653. ATS employs an experienced staff of API -653, API-510, and API-570 certified inspectors.
Digital Radiography Services
Among the newest services provided to various industries, Digital Radiography eliminates typical film and the associated handling and storage needs of film. No on-site chemicals are required, the restricted entry zone is virtually eliminated in many cases, the results are available in minutes rather than hours and the results can be viewed on any standard computer and e-mailed anywhere for additional opinions of resulting weld conditions. Meeting all current codes, this methodology provides enhanced results in a faster, easy to handle format and can be conducted with a number of radiographic and X-ray isotopes to meet individual needs.
Aerospace / Aviation Inspections

Greenville has established a reputation for being leaders in the aircraft non-destructive testing industry covering the globe to meet your inspection needs. ATS has multiple FAA Repair Station Locations and Numbers. Greenville’s FAA Repair Station number is HC4D227M. Whatever type of aircraft you have, from commercial airliners to crop-duster, we are familiar with your inspection requirements.

Weld Inspections
Our Greenville office has inspectors trained and certified to perform the following types of visual weld inspections:
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