Cyclic Pressure Testing

Applied Technical Testing provides cyclic pressure testing services that evaluate the fatigue performance of products and materials. Our mechanical testing lab evaluates various materials to determine their fatigue strength in various conditions.

What is Cyclic Pressure Testing, and Why is it Important?
Cyclic pressure testing enables manufacturers to evaluate their product’s fatigue strength and service life in specific applications and environmental conditions. During cyclic pressure testing procedures, technicians apply fluctuating loads of liquid or air pressure. The procedure’s results provide significant insight into the material’s ability to withstand fatigue failure.
Mechanical components and systems such as pipes and pressure vessels endure variations in pressure that can compromise materials and cause them to fail. Cyclic pressure tests help manufacturers assess their product’s quality prior to its use in commercial and industrial applications. Failure to properly assess a material’s fatigue strength could lead to safety and quality control issues that make a product ineligible for the marketplace.
The Benefits of ATS’ Cyclic Pressure Testing Services

Our pressure testing services aid in the research and development of pipes and fittings, verifying their ability to withstand various frequencies of pressure. Our testing procedures help manufacturers do the following:

The ATS Advantage
Applied Technical Services provides high quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to industrial and commercial businesses. We are A2LA accredited, and our state-of-the-art facilities offer prompt and professional services at a competitive price. Our employees have decades of collective experience in engineering and various sciences, enabling us to serve a wide range of industries from aerospace and consumer products to manufacturing and oil and gas. Our informative and engaged employees work closely with clients to develop strategies that address their unique needs while also ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 or submit a web request for additional information regarding our cyclic pressure testing services and mechanical testing capabilities.

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