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SPRAT Training

Applied Technical Services provides SPRAT training to candidates who want to pursue a career as a rope access technician. SPRAT is a body consisting of rope access companies and government agencies that sets quality and safety standards for their members, help inform government regulations on the industry, and administer the program to certify the competency of individual practitioners. Also known as the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians, SPRAT holds authority in the industry partly because of its role in legitimizing the practice as a safe and effective method of working at heights. As such, having both training that complies with SPRAT standards and certification that bears their approval is highly valued by potential employers in the United States — so much so that many will not hire a technician without these credentials. ATS offers SPRAT-compliant training and certification courses to help candidates achieve their qualifications and further a career in rope access work.
ATS' SPRAT Training Courses
We structure our rope access training courses in five sessions, four for instruction and one for examination. ATS’ class structure further breaks down into lecture-style lessons and hands-on applications. Although the former of the two has great importance to this career track, covering the use and maintenance of equipment as well as standards and regulations pertaining to rope access work, our instructor emphasizes the latter. By doing so, he ensures candidates leave sessions with practical experience implementing the procedures they learn in the classroom.
Assessment comprises the final session. A SPRAT-approved evaluator administers testing, in which candidates will apply all their learning across three examinations: written, verbal, and practical. Those students that pass earn certification by SPRAT, recognizing them as competent in performing rope access work appropriate to the level of their achievement.
SPRAT recognizes three levels of technician based on their training and experience. ATS provides classes that prepare candidates for work at each of the following levels:
About ATS: Your Trusted Training Provider
Applied Technical Services offers training, inspection, testing, and consulting engineering capabilities of peerless quality. We have grown tremendously since our founding in 1967; once a group of three engineers catering to the needs of local businesses from the owner’s basement, ATS is now a multidisciplinary firm that employs a team of nearly 1,000 trainers, technicians, calibrators, inspectors, Professional Engineers, chemists, scientists, and investigators to serve clients located in countries around the world. Of the many industries we work with, the following most benefit from well-trained, SPRAT-certified rope access technicians like those produced by our program:
If you need SPRAT Training to embark on a career as a rope access technician, or if you need a recertification course to get back to work, contact ATS today!


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