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ASME Power Piping Inspections

Applied Technical Services’ nondestructive testing department provides ASME power piping inspections. Our experts help clients maintain safe and reliable operation of power piping systems with our thorough examination and testing.
Power Piping – Benefits of Inspections

Power piping – also called high-energy or covered piping – is used to carry highly pressurized, superheated steam through pipes in certain types of industrial applications. However, over time these piping systems can develop defects that are not immediately detectable. Our engineers and technicians have developed specialized techniques to look for creep, fatigue, graphitization, corrosion, flow accelerated corrosion, and other types of damage during their inspections. Early detection of compromised components is important because, if left undiscovered, small flaws can deteriorate into larger issues over time.

ATS Power Piping Management Program
Due to the intense pressure levels involved in power piping, failures can potentially cause costly equipment damage and pose serious safety risks to personnel. To help our clients avoid system failures, we provide a comprehensive power piping management program. ATS can work with your operation and schedule to form project goals, define prioritized risk locations, test critical welds, and form strategies for repairs.
ASME Standards for Power Piping
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) issued a revision to the B31.1 standard for power piping in 2007. The revision included B31.1 adding the requirements for the inspection of post construction piping systems. ATS performs power piping inspections according to the latest ASME B31.1 standard.
Our Test Methods
ATS and ASME Power Piping Inspections
Applied Technical Services has been delivering quality inspection services for over 50 years. Our nondestructive testing experts are well-versed in power piping inspections and follow proven scientific and engineering principles in their work. ATS makes sure our clients receive accurate and timely results, detailed reporting, and helpful support.
Performing periodic inspections is an important part of prolonging power piping safety, reliability, efficiency, and profitability. If you need a power piping inspection, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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