RTCA DO-160 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing Lab

RTCA DO-160 8.0 Vibration Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services is a shock and vibration testing and analysis provider, conducting several different types of dynamics testing in our RTCA DO-160 8.0 Vibration Testing Lab.

Vibration Testing
RTCA DO-160 Section 8.0 vibration testing consists of exposing a test subject, typically an electronic device, to a series of vibrations through the use of vibration testing and monitoring equipment. The different type and intensities of vibrations are determined by the test subject’s intended function and consist of either a specific set of vibrational patterns or a simulation of vibrations that the subject could experience in its operating environment or during transit and installation. RTCA DO-160 8.0 Vibration Testing Lab capabilities must include a standard vibration test, a short duration vibration test, and a robust vibration test. Our additional vibration testing capabilities include:
Applied Technical Services performs Section 8.0 Vibration testing in compliance with the conditions for airborne equipment standard set by the RTCA, or Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. This environmental testing standard applies to all sizes of aircraft and includes helicopters, supersonic transport aircraft, general aviation aircraft, and commercial airliners. Aircraft manufacturers adhere to standards set by the RTCA to ensure the safety and reliability of electronic systems in aircraft.
ATS’ EMI and EMC Testing Lab
Applied Technical Services features a highly advanced EMI and EMC testing lab, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge machinery to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision. Our compatibility testing experts apply their unparalleled expertise to each test and have experience performing a broad range of electrical testing in accordance with many prominent testing standards. Our EMI and EMC testing experts also perform testing to client-specified parameters to meet the needs of our customers.
RTCA DO-160 and EMI and EMC Testing Capabilities

ATS’ other RTCA DO-160 testing services, as well as our EMI and EMC testing capabilities, include but are not limited to:

Electrical Testing Services
In addition to the previously mentioned services, Applied Technical Services offers an expansive list of electrical testing services. Some of our most commonly requested services include:
Quality Assurance: We Take a Closer Look
Applied Technical Services’ internationally recognized quality assurance program is one of the many things that help ATS stand out from competitors. This QA program establishes accountability at every level of our company, ensuring our clients that they will receive the quality they have come to expect from ATS over the past five decades. As a company that offers a broad range of services that span countless industries, our highly trained staff apply the same level of care and attention to nondestructive aviation testing procedures as they do to chromatography testing services, prioritizing quality and accuracy over all else to achieve the results our clients depend on. We know that our clients value the fact that we take a closer look, and we continue to strive for improvement as we maintain the credibility and business relationships we have established over the course of over 55 years in business.
Applied Technical Services
Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services is proud to be one of the nation’s leading industrial testing and analysis service providers. ATS is CPSC approved, EN71 compliant, ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA in many disciplines, and ISO 9001 certified. We serve companies in industries including automotive, pulp and paper, aerospace, military and defense, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, consumer products, construction, food and beverage analysis, power generation, oil and gas, and nuclear. With our vast service network, ATS provides quality testing and analysis solutions to clients around the world while maintaining the accurate reporting and expedient service our clients have come to expect and count on. ATS performs services both in our advanced testing laboratories and in the field, providing an added level of convenience for our clients. In order to maximize the value of our services, ATS implements the use of innovative technologies and practices to keep costs competitive. Click here or give us a call today at 1 (888) 287-5227 to request a free quote for MIL STD 704 Testing services.

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