Forensic Fire Investigation

Forensic Fire Investigation
Importance of a Quality Forensic Fire Investigation

When a fire incident occurs, it is imperative to examine the scene to procure evidence that may help reveal how the fire originated. A thorough analysis of the materials, structures, products, people, and component failures involved in the incident is the only means of accurately deriving conclusive results. At ATS, our seasoned professional investigators respond to your inspection needs immediately, executing a comprehensive forensic fire investigation from initial on-site inspection through judicial proceedings. Due to the nature of fire investigations, our experts are prepared to provide advisory and expert testimony in assisting the resolution of disputes in a court of law.

Since 1974, ATS has worked alongside attorneys, adjusters, manufacturers, fire departments, and police departments in retracing the events and processes that precipitate fire accidents.

Forensic Capabilities

Every accident is unique. While some investigations might only require a day or two to determine the cause, others may take weeks. At ATS, our court qualified forensic investigators are equipped with the technical competency and state-of-the-art technology needed to reach decisive results in a timely manner.

Investigator Certifications

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