Load Performance Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts load performance testing to determine the load carrying capabilities of components, equipment, parts, and structures. Our tests provide insight into the safety and reliability of materials in various applications, assisting with the oversight of production and quality control of materials. 

What is Mechanical Load Testing?

Mechanical load testing evaluates a component, material, or structure’s ability to perform specific tasks at specific loads. During testing, technicians apply static and dynamic forces to the sample to observe its properties. There are several types of mechanical load testing, including:.
Applied Technical Services’ Load Performance Testing Services

Our load performance tests expose samples to static, dynamic, and cyclic testing to evaluate a material’s ability to perform specific tasks. We conduct cyclic, dynamic, and static tests to help manufacturers determine the following.

We off several types of mechanical load testing, including:

Our load testing services benefit manufacturers in several sectors, including construction, oil, gas, and manufacturing.

More About Our Mechanical Testing Lab

Our A2LA accredited mechanical testing facilities conduct comprehensive tests on ceramics, composites, metals, and polymers. Our services assist in material qualification and failure analysis by providing professional evaluations of the mechanical properties of products and materials under specific conditions and loads. We offer an extensive list of services on metals, plastics, ceramics, and consumer products, including: 

Our Commitment to Quality

Applied Technical Services is an ISO 9001 certified management system dedicated to nurturing positive experiences for our staff and clients. In our 55 years of business, we have grown our operation from a local service to an internationally recognized provider of quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services. We employ detail-oriented professionals that use their experience in various sciences to deliver thoroughly researched and well-executed solutions to our clients. Please submit a web request form or call + 1 (888) 287-5227 to inquire about our load performance testing. 

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