Material Lab Testing Services
Applied Technical Services offers a comprehensive list of material lab testing services, including but not limited to environmental testing, electrical testing, mechanical testing, metallurgical testing, and forensic analysis.

Material Lab Testing Services

ATS’ material testing labs proudly service clients across several industries and disciplines. We provide material testing in our ISO 9001 certified, ISO 17025 accredited labs as well as in the field to ensure the highest level of convenience.
Chemical Analysis
Chemical analysis consists of testing materials such as plastics, polymers, and rubber, as well as services such as VOC testing and Azo dye testing. Our chemical analysis material testing services include:
Electrical Testing
Electrical testing consists of analyzing the performance of electrical equipment to assess functionality and determine the cause of failure in malfunctioning components.
Environmental Testing
Environmental Testing consists of exposing samples to different non-mechanical stimuli in order to analyze functionality in standard operating conditions.
Forensic Analysis
Forensic analysis is conducted by establishing the chain of events leading to disputed occurrences, determining the cause of accidents to provide expert testimony and facilitate the general legal process.
Mechanical Testing
Mechanical testing consists of conducting physical tests to ensure that a material can properly serve its intended function and purpose.
Metallurgical Testing
Metallurgical testing consists of inspecting a material to identify and analyze its structure and how that supports its intended application.
Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
We perform nondestructive testing on several different types of materials such as plastics, composites, aluminum, titanium, copper, and steel. Our most common NDT material testing methods include but are not limited to:
Applied Technical Services
Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services has over five decades of industrial testing experience. Our highly trained experts strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction on every task, adhering to a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. ATS is ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA. Trust the proven experts at Applied Technical Services and get in touch today regarding our material lab testing services.

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