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All Of our rope access team members have advanced training and “work at heights” certifications

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Rope Access Services

ATS offers SPRAT, OSHA, and ANSI compliant access consulting. Our advanced rope access team can solve unique issues using the latest techniques and equipment. Our experts include CWI and API inspectors who work safely and efficiently using practical knowledge of application techniques and code integration. Rope access technicians are also trained in several NDT methods, such as UT and radiography. Our team can thoroughly inspect hard to reach areas and report accurate and complete information.
Common Applications Include:

Rope Access Training

Group of Candidates Applying the Techniques Learned in Training Class
ATS offers 5-day certification courses for hands-on, intensive rope access training. Learn how to tie knots, maintain equipment, combine anchorages, and follow rescue protocol according to relevant regulations and standards. Our certified technicians teach techniques and best practices at our custom facility. Students who pass the course qualify to perform rope access work professionally.
Training Includes: