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Pressure Vessel Inspection Companies

Applied Technical Services is among the top Pressure Vessel Inspection Companies that evaluate and inspect pressure vessels according to the following applicable standards and codes:

Trained, Certified, and Licensed Personnel
ATS understands that clients need more than a simple inspection for their equipment. By performing a true condition assessment, we can give them the information they need to select a consistent inspection schedule, budget for recommended repairs, and organize future planned shutdowns. As experienced 3rd party pressure vessel consultants, ATS’ trained, certified, and licensed personnel provide both inspections and condition assessments. We maintain our pressure vessel inspection teams in-house, drawing on the expertise of specialists holding both a Professional Engineering license and API inspector certification.
Routine Inspections
Upholding a routine inspection schedule for your pressure vessel can make the difference between a catastrophic failure and a normal working day. ATS condition assessments reduce the possibility of containment loss, which reduces danger to both personnel and the environment. Our pressure vessel inspection team identifies damage modes and other potential issues before they have the chance to turn disastrous. The mechanical integrity team specializes in calculating a fixed asset’s service life expectancy and developing repair plans to prepare any repair contractor with a complete and detailed scope of work before they begin any repair work. We work with clients to maximize the value of their inspection by minimizing downtime and providing the most practical condition assessments possible.
Mechanical Integrity Programs
Instituting a strong mechanical integrity program for a fixed asset proves integral to the success of all subsequent condition monitoring and process safety management (PSM) efforts. The ATS engineering division frequently assesses and formulates mechanical integrity programs for client pressure vessels. One of our comprehensive mechanical integrity programs will address each of the following aspects:
High-Quality Service
ATS strives to continually improve the customer experience. Our experts provide accurate, precise, and clear results quickly, enabling clients to make informed, timely decisions. ATS’ customer service ambassadors facilitate client contact with the most relevant expert to help answer any inquiries regarding the results of their inspections.
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