Test Equipment Repair Services

Test Equipment Repair Services

ENI Labs, an Applied Technical Services company, performs test equipment repair services for clients in several different industries, including nuclear, automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, military, and construction.
Allen Bradley / PanelView Repair Services: ENI Labs performs repair services for several different Allen Bradley products, including but not limited to 84-Encoders, Kinetix and Ultra Servo Drives GuardMotion, Ultra and Kinematic Motion Controllers, PanelView and Inview Motion Controllers, MP-Series Actuators, PowerFlex Architecture Class AC Drives, PowerFlex Component Class AC Drives, several types of Servo Motors, PowerFlex Common Bus and DC Drives, and 160-Series and 1300-Series Legacy Drives.

Bosch Equipment Repair Services: We offer test equipment repair services for Bosch AC Servo Motors, Cards, Circuit Boards, Controllers, Displays, Drives, Motors, PLCs, Power Supplies, Servo Drives, Servo Motors, and Servo Motor Controls.

CENTRALP Equipment Repair Services: ENI Labs repairs CENTRALP Analog Output Boards, Balancing Centers, Battery Back-Ups, Boards, Counting Cards, Controllers, Displays, Input Boards, Output Boards, Keyboards, Monitors, Operator Interfaces, Power Supplies, and more.

Danfoss Equipment Repair Services: We repair Danfoss Vari Speed Boards, Circuit Boards, Overload Controllers, PCBs, Frequency Controllers, AC Drives, DC Drives, Shunt Boards, Power Supplies, Displays, and more in our repair center.

Siemens Equipment Repair Services: ENI Labs offers test equipment repair services for Siemens AC Drives, Amplifiers, AOPs, Boards, Braking Units, Cables, Cards, CCU Modules, Central Process Units, Controls, Control Panels, Controllers, DC Drives, DC/AC Drives, Digital Output Readers, Digital Point Expansion Modules, Displays, Drives, Electro-Hydraulic Actuators, Encoders, ER Modules, Fans, Interface Panels, Keyboards, Laser Aperture Models, Medical Units, Micromasters, Modules, Module Boards, Monitors, Monitor Modules, MPCU Assemblies, Open Processors, Operator Interfaces, Operator Panels, Panels, Positioners, Power Interface Boards, Power Supplies, Pressure Transducers, Racks, RF Amplifiers, Servo Motors, Simatics, Simatic Boxes, Simatic S5s, Simorives, Simoverts, Text Displays, Touch Panels, Vacuum Pumps, X-Ray Units, and more.

ENI Labs - An ATS Company
ENI Labs is a member of the Applied Technical Services family, giving our clients access to countless types of industrial testing services with consistent quality and reliability. Between our highly skilled technicians, frequently expanding number of labs and locations, decades of experience, and unparalleled knowledge and resources, ATS companies provide our global client network with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction on each and every project. We understand the importance of timeliness and offer expedient turnaround times to keep your business operations running smoothly. Contact us today for a free quote for test equipment repair services.