IFR 4000 Calibration

Applied Technical Services (ATS) performs IFR 4000 calibration to verify the accuracy of ILS, VOR, and Marker Beacon receivers, as well as VHF/UHF AM/FM and HF AM/SSB USB/LSB transceiver communication and navigation systems. Measuring devices commonly slide out of calibration. To ensure their IFR 4000 unit’s continued reliability, selecting a qualified calibration provider who can meet clients’ needs and provide accurate results during calibration is critical.  ATS is an ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited calibration lab staffed by trained and credentialed technicians who offer accurate, NIST traceable services.

An inaccurate IFR 4000 calibration can present many safety risks. Improper calibration or uncalibrated devices can cause equipment to generate incorrect measurements. IFR 4000 units also measure vital navigation and communication components while an aircraft is in flight. If the unit cannot accurately measure these instruments, it may place the aircraft at risk and endanger the pilot(s), crew, and others on board. Standard procedures require units to undergo routine maintenance and regular servicing to ensure reliable results. Doing so verifies that devices are operating within the required specifications and standards. It is essential to use a qualified and accredited calibration provider like ATS for regular maintenance intervals for the safety and reliability of avionic instrumentation.

IFR 4000 Calibration Measures

At ATS, we implement a thorough Quality Assurance Program to ensure our clients receive accurate testing in accordance with applicable standards and specs, comprehensive documentation and reporting with quick turnarounds and competitive pricing. The data produced at our A2LA ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab is fully NIST traceable. We also provide our 24/7-accessible web-based iPortal interface. This secure system allows our customers access to digital copies of their calibration certificates, real-time asset status, upcoming calibration due dates, asset history, and more. For more information on our calibration services, contact ATS today.