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NDT Services
Boeing 737-NG Pickle Fork Fitting Inspection — We can support 737-NG pickle fork fitting and failsafe strap visual inspections.
Boeing 737-NG Wing Tank SDI/ALI/FLS Inspection — If you are searching for a provider for this extensive internal fuel tank and NDT work package, we have developed an efficient sealant removal and NDT process to get these aircraft done in a very short period of time.
CFM56-7B Fan Blade UT — Ultrasonic inspection of the CFM56-7B fan blade root per CFM Service Bulletin 72-1033.
Eddy Current Array — Eddy current array (ECA) C-scan of 737 chemically milled fuselage skins. We’re probably the only private aircraft NDT provider to still offer this service.
Phased Array Ultrasonics — The 737 fuselage chem-mill and lap joint inspections both require this technique. We can support!
X-ray — We do a lot of x-ray and we do it well. From the Cessna 402 to the mighty Boeing 747, we’ve shot them all.
Boeing Scribe Line Inspections — We are fully geared up to support scribe line inspections on any Boeing product. We use phased array UT and laser measurement gear to accomplish.
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